The Neighboring Church  | a Leadership Network NEXT Series Book

Getting the local church to see outside its walls has long been a passion of Rick Rusaw and Brian Mavis as they led LifeBridge Christian Church to be more engaged in the community. Driven by the question, “If the church disappeared would anyone care?” they have found ways to help churches all over the globe engage in schools, social services and becoming externally focused. This path has led them to go further and ask, “What if we got better at the two things Jesus said mattered most?” In other words, “If you disappeared from your neighborhood would anyone care?” Learn about the shifts every leader and church can make to follow Jesus’ command on the street where you live.

Meet the Authors

Brian Mavis is the President of America’s Kids Belong and former Pastor of Community Transformation aB_Mavis-lxo011orgsdc6tsi07xbyxl5h2qazu47llpynl8pw4t LifeBridge Christian Church.  Brian was the first General Manager of from 2000-2005. He has written curriculum for campaigns including Bono’s One Sabbath Campaign, Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ; World Vision’s Faith in Action and The Hole in Our Gospel. Brian and his wife, Julie, have two daughters and reside in Windsor, CO.

Rick_Rusaw_Headshot_2 copyRick Rusaw is the Senior Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church. He is co-author of several books including The Externally Focused Church, The Externally Focused Quest, The Externally Focused Life, and the Life on Loan series. Prior to LifeBridge, Rick served as a Vice President at Cincinnati Christian University. Rick and his wife, Diane, have three children and five grandchildren and reside in Longmont, CO.

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The Practices of Neighboring

  • Learn the importance of STAY, PRAY, PLAY & SAY in neighboring
  • Ask yourself, “If I disappeared from my neighborhood, would anyone care?”
  • Learn why the greatest commandment is life giving and the best way to live, just as Christ promised.
  • When we over-generalize the Great Commandment making everyone a neighbor, then nobody is a neighbor.
  • Teach, encourage, equip & release people to know and love their literal neighbors.
  • A simple and elegant command, the goal is to be the best neighbor your neighbors have ever had.
  • Aim at nothing specific and hit nothing. Aim at loving God and loving your neighbors, and touch everything that Jesus said matters.